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AccelaPay® Card

Frequently Asked Questions
The AccelaPay Card

What is the AccelaPay Card?
The AccelaPay Card is a reloadable, prepaid debit card issued by U.S. Bank. The AccelaPay Card provides an electronic option for receiving your student refunds and financial aid disbursements. It is not a credit card, but works similarly to other debit cards.

How does the AccelaPay Card work?
Once funds are added to the card account, it may be used to make purchases everywhere debit cards are accepted. The card may be used to pay bills, and for online, phone and mail order purchases. You can also withdraw cash at ATMs, banks or credit unions or by getting cash back with purchases at participating merchants. The amounts of purchases, bill payments or cash withdrawals are automatically deducted from the available balance on the card.

What are the advantages of having an AccelaPay Card?
– Your money is automatically deposited to your card account.
Save Time
– Easy and quick access to your funds without waiting in line to pick up, cash or deposit a check.
– Withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted, including retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants and pharmacies.
– No need to carry large amounts of cash.
Save Money
– No more check cashing fees.
Track Spending
– Account information and customer service 24 hours a day.
Extensive Benefits
– Enjoy the prestige and purchase protection given to Visa® branded cardholders, without a credit check.
– Receive your money on time. No more lost or stolen checks.
– Funds are FDIC insured and are protected by Visa Zero Liability.

How do I check my balance?
1. Online
– View account online at www.accelapay.com
2. Text
– Text shortcode to check your balance.
– (Log in to www.accelapay.com and click the “Alerts” tab to learn more)
3. Text/Email
– Sign up to receive free email or text alerts when funds have been deposited to your account or when your balance gets low3 (Log in to www.accelapay.com and click the “Alerts” tab to learn more)
4. Mobile Banking App
– Download the free app at www.accelapay.com, in the iTunes store or Android market
5. Phone
– Call the AccelaPay Customer Care Center at 866-363-4134
6. ATM
- Perform a balance inquiry at an ATM.

Getting the Card
When the card is sent in the mail, what does the envelope look like?
For security reasons, the card will arrive in a plain, white, window envelope with a Fargo, North Dakota (ND) return address.

What information or instructions come with the card?
The card comes with:
• Instructions on how to activate the card and fee schedule
• The cardholder agreement, which discloses terms and conditions
• A usage guide detailing where and how the card can be used
• The U.S. Bank Privacy Pledge                                                                                         USBank


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